The Labrador heritage of these dogs leads to a potential border collie lab puppy a Border Collie Lab mix hunting dog. The hunting and herding gene could be problematic with other animals in theory. Red to find him another loving home. Anyone struggling with this idea of good nutrition should check out the Dog Food Secrets e-book.

border collie lab puppy

They need plenty of food to keep them going through all their adventures and play with the family, but it needs to be good food with good nutrition. The guide will also look at some of the health and general care issues for this dog, some of the key physical features to look out for — including their coat characteristics and the Border Collie Lab mix size — and information on buying and adopting. June 11, at Oh… and he weighs 32 Kg … but he runs like a greyhound… in short bursts. Hi Anna I saw a post that you have a litter of borador puppies.

Border Collie Lab Mix Appearance. If you know a little bit about designer breeds, then you may be well aware that the pups usually gain their.

We rescued her when she was a puppy. March 19, at 3: Also, you can give your dog treats from time to time. We are moving across the country into a significantly smaller home and much smaller yard, so we. October 25, at 8:

border collie lab puppy

Hi, I hope you are doing well. There is some stubbornness in Border Collies that may come through, but this is not too likely. Maybe just an individual thing rather than a breed trait?

Loves to fish, chase squirrels, chipmunks and any Little creatures. January 31, at 6:

Loki the border has always been smaller than Thor and when we got them at their first vet visit Loki weighed 5lbs while Thor weighed Our girl weighs a svelte 80 lbs. Mom is a yellow lab and one looks just like her only a little smaller and the other looks just like a border collie and is smaller than his yellow brother. I had a pure Border Collie and she absolutely loved water. But do hide the dog treats, since they are prone to eating, and also, tell the family that your borador is on a strict diet recommended by her veterinarian so that, the pet is unable to eat table scraps.

Baby Border Collie Puppies who are too Cute to be Real

Is this a normal size for this breed? There is a lot to love about these Boradors. As with all pups, be careful not to spend too much or too little and remember that the health of the pup is more important that the price. The active, agile and affectionate crossbreed of the Border Collie and the Labrador Retriever , Borador , is a designer dog, standing taller than many other dogs in the group, having a broad forehead, tapered muzzle ending in a pointed black nose, that makes a great family and apartment dog, inheriting the combined temperament of both its parents.

Make sure to reward them well and heap praise upon them for a good result. I live in nebraska and really would love a femake borador black and white any available and somewhat close.

border collie lab puppy

Lab Collie Mix – Is This Pup A Great Pet? By If you're looking for info about the Border Collie Lab mix, please check out this article instead.

HAve managed to get him in the sea up to his knees, but no further. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Border collie lab puppy dogs are attractive and fairly common breeds to try and breed together. What is the purpose of this hybrid? Am handicap and have trained him as my assist dog.

border collie lab puppy

The problem is that not all Borador breeders are alike. I am so happy that I rescued this dog, he really is so love able. Being prone to chewing, these dogs would love to chew even wrists, fingers, eyeglasses etc.

For a Border Collie Lab Mix puppy you should expect to pay anywhere between $$ In a litter you would expect between puppies!.

February 23, at 9: I just lost my baby girl a borador i really want another black and white. Is this normal for a black lab boarder collie mix breed. Our girl weighs a svelte 80 lbs. All new owners must remember to be careful for the Border Collie Lab mix diet and other care concerns How much exercise do these Borador dogs need?

Lucy the Border Collie Lab Puppy Playing with Water

I am writing to inquire if you would consider acquiring the Domain Borador. She is 9 weeks old and only 5 lbs. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. So handsome and sweet and so friendly to my 3 children.

border collie lab puppy

The yard is the ideal place for these dogs to burn off energy and perfect their skills in those different applications mentioned above. The Labrador heritage of these dogs leads to a potential for a Border Collie Lab mix hunting dog. Table of Contents What do we call these dogs? February 24, at 5: We rescued her when she was a puppy. Our girl weighs a svelte 80 lbs.


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