We love him so much. Cool Beans has found her forever home. He is a bit clumsy but has certainly been growing out of it with time.

border collie pointer mix

We have struggled with food aggression and fear biting with strangers. Most Border Collies today are thought to be direct descendants of Old Hemp, who apparently fathered over dogs in his lifetime. As such, should your Border Point take on traits where they develop the denser coat of a Border Collie, maintenance through brushing should be every week. Border Collies tend to have moderate levels of shedding, whereas Pointers have very low, minimal shedding. Playing in the snow. For the most part, though, it tries to present the dogs not as victims but as great potential family members.

The Pointer Border Collie mix comes from two hard working breeds. But what can you expect from this clever pup, and is he a great family pet?.

March 20, at 5: Border Point Activity Requirements Both parent breeds are highly active dogs that require constant mental stimulation and exercise. Unfortunately, she tested heartworm positive. He is highly trainable but can also be very sneaky with his bad habits like stealing trash but only when everyone is sleeping or sneaking off to the guest room to potty until he was two. As there is not much documentation on the Border Point hybrid, we can assume that coat color may be either bicolored, tricolored or merle much like the Border Collie, with color combinations including blacks, whites, livers and fawns. Contact Us Email To Adopt!

Tipper - Border Collie Pointer mix. He actually just likes napping all day, and could care less about playing with toys and the like. TDL Cloud c3 adopt adopt a border collie adopt a border collie mix adopt a border collie mix puppy adopt a border collie puppy adopt a chihuahua adopt border collie pointer mix chihuahua border collie pointer mix adopt a dog Adopt a german shepherd adopt a puppy alabama aussie australian shepherd available for adoption border collie Border Collie Puppy border collie rescue chihuahua chihuahua puppy collie dog Dog Liberator successful adoptions dog rescue dog rescue donation donate donations featured florida Meloxicam dog dose German Shepherd lethal white mix breed puppy mixed breed orlando pirate puppies puppies puppy purebred rainbow bridge rescue sheepdog sheltie shepherd the dog liberator.

border collie pointer mix

She then will have injections, painkillers, antibiotics, etc. She was also born with two extra toes. The Border Point is a well-built, agile hybrid breed that tends to fall into the medium-large dog size category. She has a lot of energy but also likes to take long naps. He gets along with other dogs well.

Book a veterinary appointment with Vetary and give back to a pet shelter in need! Cool beans has been such a sweetheart the past 2 days. Luna is very excitable and an incredibly smart dog.

Border Point

So You Think Your Dog Is A Border Collie Mix?

She requires constant attention and is mainly white with black spots and black ears. She is sensitive, eager to please and trains easily. He is very protective and affectionate with family but suffers terrible anxiety around strangers.

Due to their activity level and persona, Border Points are not recommended for apartments, small homes and homes with small backyards. The next step is to set up a follow up vet appointment to determine the stage that she is in. Somehow, the testing was not done during her recent spay.

Tipper doesn't quite have the hang of the dropping the ball part as well as Bella but she's working on it and I know she'll get there with just a bit more training. Playing fetch, going for walks, rounding up cats. Her new owner, Amy, is considering all of the options.

border collie pointer mix

These hybrids stem from the Border Collie and Pointer mix (both hard working dogs) and as such, you may notice the eagerness to work seen in your hybrid.

Somehow, she is regularly able to catch robins and other tree birds. Border Collies tend to have moderate levels of shedding, whereas Pointers have very low, minimal shedding. Cool Beans is not hyper, but not boring either! The Pointer is said to have come into existence in Spain during the 17th century border collie pointer mix the breed was later completed in England.

border collie pointer mix

So far she is great, starting to come out of her shell. If we can get even five percent of the pet buying public to see shelter dogs differently, to see how beautiful they are and how wonderful they are, and to consider shelter dogs as their first choice for a new family member, we can end the suffering of homeless pets in this country.

A black and white Border Point is walking down grass with its mouth open and tongue. Nixon the Border Point (Border Collie / Pointer mix breed dog) at 7 years .

However, as Pointers have a tendency to follow their nose, it is essential that owners fence their backyard to prevent their dogs from going missing. She is a drooly dog but is a great companion and fierce protector. The border collie stare combined with pointing. The nose may be higher than the muzzle and may have a distinct stop, ears are often the shape of a pendant, and tails are tapered. Cool Beans needs basic puppy training classes to learn the basics. The Dog Liberator is a Registered Trademark.

As for children, Border Collies often tend to be more tolerant of younger kids, whereas Pointers may not be as tolerant. Ours is a high energy pup who needs training. Converted by tmwwtw for LiteThemes.

border collie pointer mix


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