We were amazed diy indoor dog kennel the customer contact that showed up immediately. She is awesome and very professional. The base of the kennels are built to accommodate the standard plastic trays that come with ugly wire kennels plastic trays not includedand the feet are removable.

diy indoor dog kennel

This product is both beautiful and functional! She is extremely friendly and helped me figure out exactly the size I would need. You should conduct regular maintenance on the dog house and its surrounding structures to keep the kennel safe. Paint prolongs the life of the plywood. This thing is very heavy and sturdy which is exactly what I wanted. I do not miss the wire cage crate one bit. I might have to get new furniture — the kennel is so much nicer than our current decor!

those up too), but a DIY dog crate that doubles as a footboard, end table, or a sideboard? A dog crate that looks good even when it's not being used? This double doggie crate features metal tubing spray painted black for the cage + a.

And they have a beautiful space where they both can stretch out or snuggle. I wish them much success with their growing business!! Thanks for a great product. Lindsey Lincecum — December 9, This kennel is a beautiful piece of furniture. But of course, the most important part is whether our dogs actually liked it and the true test came early the next morning when we normally would hear whining and barking to get out of their kennel.

I laid down two sill-plates two 2x4s on the floorand cut one end on each to a degree angle, so they would come together. She is awesome and very professional. There should be ample amount of adhesive to be applied to the apex joint diy indoor dog kennel secure the entire structure.

diy indoor dog kennel

I would totally recommend it. We have two large Swiss Shepherds and they are very relaxed in it. Hawk — April 10, Our dogs are family…and they get the best, which is just what their double doggie den provides. I bought an additional panel so that I could utilize the barn as a wall and have a larger outdoor space.

Thank you so much for everything! We absolutely love our doggy den. What a gorgeous piece of furniture. We were definitely concerned about him digging under the fences and escaping. Amy Dervin Stathes — March 6,

He fought a very brave and painful fight, but unfortunately, passed away four months later. I picked up since I live fairly nearby.

A Dog’s Abode: How to Build A Dog Kennel

It is crafted so beautifully and very well constructed, I can tell it will last for years. The dogs love it. Dogs can be housetrained, and if it can be trained early to live in a dog house with ample amount of interaction and companionship, it will be able to thrive well in a dog house.

Ultimately we went with the Graphite after considering several custom options and it looks great in our traditional adobe home! The size of a dog kennel is very important.

A year later, my daughter talked me into getting another puppy as a companion to Sammi. Bethany and Brody created a work of art that serves as beds for my two dogs, Sammi and Cooper. Answered all my email inquiries in a timely manner and always kept me informed.

diy indoor dog kennel

How to Build an Indoor Dog Kennel. It is important for the well being of your pet that it is well housed. This kennel provides your pet with protection from the.

This kennel was well worth the wait! Pictures just do not do it justice…so much better in person. Aspen De La Cruz — January 8,

diy indoor dog kennel

Our fur babies can benefit from having their own residence. It is a beautifully made piece of furniture that we have as the focal point in our living room.

The first beautiful decorative indoor wooden dog kennel built for two dogs! Double Dog Kennel - YouTube Diy Dog Crate, Wood Dog Crate, Dog Crates.

My sister is looking into getting one for her cats as well. We ordered ours back in August and it was just delivered within the time frame promised. All 3 of our Boston Terriers sleep together in the new crate. It is an expensive purchase, but well worth every cent. I nailed the studs to the sill-plate, and then I nailed the top of the studs to the floor joists, or beams, of the second story in our barn. Worth the money and worth the wait!

How To Build A Custom Dog Kennel / Woodworker/Maker /

We easily stay below freezing, and many weeks can be in the single digits. My interior designer friend was blown away and loves it as well. Our fur babies can benefit from having their own residence.

diy indoor dog kennel

We easily stay below freezing, and many weeks can be in the single digits. Beautiful craftsmanship, we are constantly getting compliments; truly a work of art. Andrea — June 19, You can definitely tell there is a lot of love put into these creations. Becky and Luke Severson — February 19, We love our large coffee double doggie den!


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