freshpet dog food reviews

I love my 'kids' and FreshPet rocks! So we bought a second. Colleen of Canada Verified Reviewer. This typically happens to a very low percentage out of the millions of bags we sell. I do not think the fact that is now owned by a large company should disqualify it. Foods are mixed, vacuum-sealed and cooked in BPA-free packaging, then frozen, and direct-shipped.

Freshpet dog & cat food reviews! See what other pet parents are saying about Freshpet products.

Thought maybe teething and hormones were to blame but it was obvious he was bloody bored and was tired of the top ups of sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs etc. We noticed this could happen if there is a cut or microscopic tear in packaging. Very sour bile smell. The reason I started to feed this to my cats is because another brand was rancid and made all of our animals very sick last year. It has been enormously successful; its products are sold in more than 14, locations. Each batch of food is tested for salmonella , listeria , and E. Right from the start, he loved it.

I on the other hand failed to respond in a timely manner to your generosity. Their raw patties look the same as their other products and the ingredients, to a novice, look great. James of Loxahatchee, Florida Verified Reviewer. Company freshpet dog food reviews offers delivery from its southern California locations and nationwide shipping.

freshpet dog food reviews

He now eats an Ollie meal twice a day. Our goal is to create the healthiest foods possible for dogs and cats. I came to read the reviews and realized that this is a pretty common occurrence, therefore I will not be purchasing this product again. My poor dogs had uncontrollable diarrhea with streaks of blood in them and there are multiple reports of similar issues, but I can find no information on any active recall for this dog food, while multiple human food products are be recalled for salmonella and listeria in chicken and vegetables. Hope all is well! They are on the high side of cost.

They came to the market inand this is freshpet dog food reviews first brand that I noticed offering something different in the chain pet stores. Freshpet makes all-natural pet food using real meat and vegetables. Per the feeding guidelines, our four dogs will eat 3. I do use inulin as prebiotic.

My Biased Review of Freshpet Vital Raw Patties

So I finally decided to take 3 days out of the bag at a time and freeze the rest. That will keep the living organisms alive and stable while they are on the shelf or in distribution. It is very rare for that to actually happen. No Freshpet ingredients come from China. We have had success with the beef roll so expanded our dog's diet to the Roast Beef Meal. Today I went to Publix to buy my weekly supply and the cooler case was empty and when I asked a manager where my product was he said it was not longer carried by Publix.

I had to throw out the 2nd bag and bought a new bag 3rd and the exact same thing happened, so I had to toss it as well. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.

My 13 yr old Yorkie loved the first bag we got him. Freshpet makes all-natural pet food using real meat and vegetables.

March 29, Publix in Sarasota has discontinued selling Freshpet. Like the beef only takes 15 oven minutes. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

freshpet dog food reviews

Freshpet Select Dog Food - an independent review, star rating and recall history by the editors of The Dog Food Advisor.

I found this dog food in local store and was very happy that my chihuahua start eating it. Any information as to what is going on. I love my 'kids' and FreshPet rocks! Turkey breast and leg meat, turkey hearts, eggs, organic butternut squash, org. The probiotics grow and freshpet dog food reviews an environment where pathogens cannot survive.

freshpet dog food reviews

I'm passionate about my dogs, their health, and I want them to be with us forever. I have a 4. Chicken thigh, chicken heart, chicken liver, carrots, peas, cranberries, organic spearmint, cod liver oil, egg shell powder, organic kelp powder.

Freshpet Select Meals Dog Food - an unbiased review by the editors of The Dog Food Advisor.

The mold issue in Freshpet food is still occurring according to customer reports on Facebook. The expiration date was over 30 days from then. I was feeding my pup, Parker 3 yr old Toy Poodle Zignature turkey dry food, self fed. Please call our Consumer Care line at your earliest convenience. Using the freshest ingredients from their kitchen, all Freshpet products are made from scratch using real meat and vegetables. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Freshpet? One specialty pet food store owner says he is at a loss and told me that he "receives only 1 roll every Tuesday"?!

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My 10 year old Dachshund recently went down with IVDD pinched vertebrae nerve and we were told she needed to lose weight. It just didn't look like fresh food to me, and when compared to our dogs' current diet, it very much looks processed. Ollie fresh cooked dog food.

freshpet dog food reviews

At first, we mixed it half and half with the kibble. He also has a featured weekly blog on petMD, is published in major veterinary journals and is a frequent internet media guest expert. Thought maybe teething and hormones were to blame but it was obvious he was bloody bored and was tired of the top ups of sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs etc. All foods formulated for adult maintenance only. I have tried nonnomnow, farmers dog, petplate, freshpet. Well, that is a problem if someone is squeamish about blood or handling raw meat.


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