female dog yellow discharge

I thought with the summer months she was not drinking enough water but no matter how much water I gave her, her urine still smelled. We hired a stud on the 9th day so she could have puppies. Vaginal discharge may be caused by a few different causes which may include infections, vaginitis, foreign bodies among other issues. Could this be cancer or just an injection. I havent noticed anything out of the ordinary when she urinates. Most dogs with this form of vaginitis have few if any symptoms. Peeing still with the yellow discharge.

In contrast, adult-onset vaginitis affects some spayed female dogs. Vaginal discharge that is mucous-like, white to yellow, and usually not.

She isn't in season as she is a once a yearer and has had it. Is there a way to treat her at home to keep area clean. She's behaving completely normally and she eats and drinks as usual. I'm not sure if Bella is spayed, but either way she could be having a problem with infection. She has been on clavamox for a month straight 2 pills mg, has cultures done, given probiotics, er pills, and the vet now wants to do an ultrasound.

Has Symptoms Poor Appetite. Hi, Our 12 year old cavalier King Charles bitch has experienced similar symptoms with vaginal discharge, loss of appetite and lack of mobility in her hind legs, did you manage to get a diagnosis for Cooper, as our Vet has been unable to provide a diagnosis so far female dog yellow discharge we are getting female dog yellow discharge worried? Now she has an almost black discharge. Next Article Marnie and Mr.

female dog yellow discharge

She leaves a big wet spot where she is when doing it. As ironic as it may be for all of us pet Moms, our female dogs can get many of the same ailments as we do, including vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections and discharge. Meghan is not too old to be spayed, no, and she may be having an infection that would make spaying her a good idea. The most common cause of vaginitis is a bacterial urinary tract infection, which may or may not be the result of constriction of the vagina caused by a conformational abnormality.

My GSD is about months as of now. She keeps herself pretty clean. I wondered if it might have something to do with her not being spayed. We have good bacteria that live in our intestinal tract and help us fight disease. In all cases of vaginitis, I recommend a broad-spectrum non-dairy probiotic be administered to help keep opportunistic bacteria levels in check.

Im very concerned about my dog sammi. I'll share anything I know.

Dog Has Yellowish Vaginal Discharge

No sign of pregnancy. You can unsubscribe at any time and I guarantee the privacy of your email. Nothing cleared it up. Subscribe to our newsletter for FREE pet updates. Vaginal yeast infections can also occur in dogs who are on prolonged antibiotic therapy or are immunocompromised.

Is it normal for a pregnant dog to have a discharge

Juvenile vaginitis occurs in female puppies and dogs that have not reached puberty. Juvenile vaginitis occurs in female puppies and dogs that have not reached puberty. Her vomiting resolved within that hour, 9 hours ago, and she has not been offered food yet and otherwise acts fine.

I have a 3 yo spayed female pitbull with a history of UTIs usually treated with amoxicillin and carprofen, but now she's having a bloody discharge and squatting more than usual. My dog has a clear like watery discharge.

female dog yellow discharge

Juvenile vaginitis occurs in female dogs that have not reached puberty, There might be a bit of whitish-yellow discharge from the vulva, and.

My dog is a border collie, about 1 year old. Bathroom runs and eating seem normal. My dog had a vaginal discharge and I took her to the vet. John M, we also have a 12 yr cavalier bitch with same symptoms.

female dog yellow discharge

In spayed female dogs, it is almost always hormone-related. She was retrieved from a city shelter and was spayed by a well respected veterinarian.

A bloody discharge from the vulva is a normal part of a female dog's heat cycle. Dogs typically go into heat and bleed between one and three times a year.

I have an appointment with her vet set up but was just wondering if it is safe to give her some Echineacha and goldenseal to help her fight the infection in the mean time, while we are waiting to see the vet? In all cases of vaginitis, I recommend a broad-spectrum non-dairy probiotic be administered to help keep opportunistic bacteria levels in check. We brought her back to the clinic and she was prescribed another round of antibiotics, stronger strength and longer duration. SPAY your pit, I am a pit bull owner they do much better when spayed and neutered. Add a comment to Belle's experience. It would be best to have him seen by a veterinarian if he is not eating and losing weight because of this problem.

Bathroom runs and eating seem normal. Fatty acids can sometimes help improve bladder health as well. My pitbull Nikki was in heat and had discharge for 14 days..

female dog yellow discharge

It's thick and a kind of white in color. Did you take your Furbaby to the vet? When she was at the shelter they told us she had bloody discharge, her report says "Patient has a history of mildly bloody discharge from the vulva, cystocentesis found clear, yellow urine. The yellowish discharge can either be due to an overgrowth of yeast, bacteria or inflammatory cells as result of a urinary tract infection UTI. It would be best to have her examined and determine if she is having a urinary or urogenital issue.


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