Afterward, we rinsed him off in the dog park next to the beach, there is a side for little and a side for big dogs. It was terrifying and we promptly left and will never return. Also inside was a wash area with hoses for a spray ft desoto dog beach.

ft desoto dog beach

The only thing I didn't like was there is no place for humans to rinse the sand and salt off. Beach is spotless clean. Overall, our dog had a great time playing on the shore and in the dog park. The 2 dog parks with showers are genius!! I was worried at first but he played well with all of the larger dogs. Nice beach but an hour and a half into our stay we were attacked by sand flies or fleas.

Fort De Soto Dog Beach Park is a popular dog beach in Saint Petersburg, FL. Visit for an overview of the beach, along with pictures, directions.

Great place to bring the pup! Fun beach for dogs, they can play, socialize and swim. Some issues with some inattentive owners, but for the most part all dogs and humans were on good behavior and friendly. Look out for the burrs that are in the brush -- it took us 20 minutes to get them out of hs fur -- he didn't care, but they were a pain. This site uses cookies to deliver our services. This is our 2nd dog beach in FL and this one is the "best" one for sure. When we asked the owner to get her dog under control she told us to get the "F" off the beach.

Beautiful Had a wonderful time. I highly recommend this place. She loved playing with them!

ft desoto dog beach

This park is truly amazing for all dogs and the family. I just wish we had these kind of places back home. No aggression at all.

I am sure weekends must be a zoo! This is a great place to socialize a dog! I couldn't even go out onto the fishing pier where I'd wanted to look for dolphins because dogs were not permitted there yet poorly behaved humans were. There were also some boats that would dock or pass by the pier. We will be coming back with our pooch. What a great beach!

Most dogs are off leash but they listen to their owners. And their humans were friendly! It's really nice to have so many good choices.

Plus a great place for dogs who love to swim and run around. The dog owners as well as the dogs were very friendly. I don't understand why some people bring aggressive dogs to the beach, though it's rare, please keep your aggressive dogs at home!

Fort De Soto Park's Dog Beach

At least while I was there the owners were attentive and were keeping a close eye on their dogs in case they got out of line. I highly recommend this place.

When we asked the owner to get her dog under control she told us to get the "F" off the beach. We plan on visiting at least once a year. Sign in to BringFido.

ft desoto dog beach

Pet Friendly National Parks and the B.A.R.K Ranger Program. Fort De Soto Park preserves more than 1, acres of forest and beach, where people and dogs can leave the hustle behind and steep in the tranquility of the keys. Of course, the highlight for the dogs is the acre off.

We went on a Tuesday morning and it was slightly overcast so we practically had the beach to ourselves. I wanted everyone to know, that ft desoto dog beach gandy beach is a high bacteria area, the sewage treatment plant is very close by. It is more of a trail that happens to have some beach front areas for the little furry friends to run around in and around the water but it does have some nice spots of shade to escape the heat.

ft desoto dog beach

There were NO fights, maybe a few warning growls down the beach but that's normal. The fenced in area for big dogs is hugeee! Love coming here and will come back many many times!

10 reviews of Fort Desoto Dog Beach "Absolutely the nicest spot I have found to bring the dog when we are in FLA but we got hosed by Mother Nature and her.

I was worried at first but he played well with all of the larger dogs. Overall the experience of swimming in the Gulf of Mexico with your dogs, watching them sniff seaweed and run and play for days is well worth the five dollar admission. One of the highlights on my Florida vacation. Everyone was courteous including the dogs and so clean and pretty. I will be returning often. Off leash really is a treat. They even have a dog playground so the dogs can run inside the fenced area.

Water was a little bit rough with the waves and sand was more on the hard side with shells. I was a bit more caoutious on the beach because it was "off leash" with alot of big dogs. While it was a little crowded, there were no dog issues, and there was still plenty of space for play.

ft desoto dog beach


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