alaska airline dog policy

Extra Small Kennel Size Mad about cost I am putting my beagle mix on a flight from Bellingham Wa. I can't say that about any other airline, and I've flown them all. It is not the flight attendants job! A German shepherd doesn't belong in the cabin, but no one should be upset by a pug or small poodle, so long as the dog is well behaved. The dogs arrived in excellent condition and none the worse for their experience. For the past couple of weeks, Petswelcome been making suggestions for

Learn about the Alaska Airlines policies regarding traveling with pets on our flights, either in the Alaska Airlines accepts only cats or dogs for travel to Hawai 'i.

You need to check what the vaccination requirements are for bringing an animal to your planned destination. Alaskan Airlines needs to look into Hawaii's quarantine laws because Hawaii only quarantines pets coming into Hawaii because there is no rabies present in the islands. Weight and Height Restriction of Carriers The weight and height restrictions for pet carriers in the cargo compartment is as follows: Regarding Pet Safety The Alaska Airlines pet policy has a few safety rules that may affect whether or not your animal will be allowed on the flight: These spots are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so book your tickets as early as possible. If my dog and I can't fly Alaska, we wont be going.

Apart from animals that are carry-on baggage, you will fur passenger that was in cargo or with checked baggage in the baggage claim area after the flight. Alaska Airlines has also partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital to provide pets with a special discount offer when preparing for take-off. Extreme Outdoor Temperatures — They will not allow pets traveling alaska airline dog policy a flight in extreme weather conditions.

alaska airline dog policy

Like a lot of folks, I take whatever flight is cheapest, but I am always extremely happy when Alaska pops up as the lowest fare, and that's been happening some frequency lately. I had all the required documents, therefore she could come hone with me. Extra Small Kennel Size

Louis to Seattle and back again, the crew couldn't have been nicer. If you have connecting flights with layovers exceeding 4 hrs, you can ask to see your animal to give them more food and water. The dogs arrived in excellent condition and none the worse for their experience. I am putting my beagle mix on a flight from Bellingham Wa.

Agree with Linda in Dallas Why should a small dog in a carry-on not be treated just as a carry-on piece of luggage. So overall I ended up paying for round trip for my dog to alaska airline dog policy my carry on.

Alaska Airlines

Why is my little dog more than a huge suitcase? They informed us when they were place on the plane and allowed when we had to change planes, they allowed us to go and check on the dogs before they were placed on the connecting flight. Weight and Height Restriction of Carriers The weight and height restrictions for pet carriers in the cargo compartment is as follows: If you have a dog that yaps or can't control its bowels, then you should leave it home.

Extra Small Kennel Size They have a limit on the number of animals that can be in the cargo on each flight.

If your Emotional Support Animal or Psychiatric Service animal is not on this list, you should call the Airline to ask whether your animal is allowed in the aircraft cabin with you. Alaska Airlines guarantees that the dogs will not be left in the Florida heat on the tarmac but will always be in air-conditioning. We are so happy that she could fly with us Documentation If your documentation is not in order your animal will not be allowed on the flight!

I always travel with AAir.. I've never seen more than one animal on a plane, and I fly a fair amount. Thankfully my animal was able to be rebooked on UNITED Airlines two days later and I did not have to go through another certification process or loose my pet due to the inability for them to fly in June. I called Alaska Air earlier in day to find out where to pick my dog up at.

alaska airline dog policy

Alaska Airlines provides Fur-st Class™ care for our four-legged friends - because we understand that he's not just a pet, he's family. Our pet travel program offers.

Beware there is no mention of this in the policy. Pets that may travel in the climate-controlled baggage and cargo compartments include: I am part of a military family and need to travel with my pet in order to see my husband but we can not continue alaska airline dog policy be blindsided by such fees.

alaska airline dog policy

Before you choose to fly with your ESA, make sure you know what Alaska Airlines pet policy dictates, and what you as a pet owner are responsible for. We haven't received any photos of Alaska Airlines yet.

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Learn about Alaska Airlines policies regarding traveling with service and Note: If your dog or cat is in an approved carrier, it must be stowed under the seat in.

Each passenger can travel with a maximum of 2 pets, as long as 2 seats are purchased. Funny they don't charge for infants When I got there at 2am folks were face booking and sweeping while my dogs kennel sat on a dolly in front of them. Route Restrictions You need to check with the airline what the restrictions are for pets traveling on the air carrier and route you are intending to take. Alaska Air allows small pets dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds to travel in the cabin if the combined weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 20 lbs 9 kg. She's 60 lbs and many airlines don't allow dogs in cargo anymore.

How to: Flying with an In-cabin Pet

It's that time of year to start thinking about the cat lover s in your No reason for passengers with post-traumatic stress disorder or any other disability to travel alone.

alaska airline dog policy


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