We did have actual intercourse, and I have performed oral sex on him as well, if you want, I can go into more detail. I tossed the door open and set my keys on the counter, racing to my bedroom. It's pretty much whatever you want. I put the my dog licks my vagina seat down and spread my legs.

my dog licks my vagina

Ill lick it where u live. I quickly removed my panties and dangled them. I could feel him licking between the folds of my lips. Are you truly that hard up? I wanted to get a real look at it, so I got him to lay down on his side. I then threw them across the room, and he walked over to them and continued to smell them. When he gets on your back, reach back between your legs and guide his dick into your pussy.

Please *please* PLEASE do NOT allow your dog to lick any open cut or wound or body opening such as mouth, eyes, ears, vagina or anus!! PLEASE. Dogs'.

Eventually, he once again stopped and flopped to the floor panting heavily. One of them even died from hemoraging. Chocolate is very bad for dogs. Again, he chewed on my lips. After it gets too big to come out, he'll start cumming and remain still while he squirts cum into you. Can you lick me? My sister recently moved in with me and my dog has never tried sniffing my crotch nor any other females but I think my sister lets my dog lick her clit

After the dog licked your pussy does it constantly try to sniff in that area? Just someone you have to live with, like a roomate? Will u lick mine for me: Leave a Reply My dog licks my vagina reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Looking for a girl to play.

my dog licks my vagina

Then, being care-full not to scratch him with my nails, I actually began to examine his cock. In case you haven't done it yet, you should have some protection from his claws on your legs and back. Dude, that beastiality shit is fucked up! He was so excited. I thought to myself, this is wrong, and I abruptly kicked him out of the house. Probably lots of girls do that.

I think you all need to get a life or find a man to fuck with you Surely you made it a point to let him do it anytime you could. My hubby helped our dog fuck me and it was the most amazing feeling. Surprised, I quickly sat up and pushed him away with my hand.

Eventually, he once again stopped and flopped to the floor panting heavily. Could you set the bar a little higher - like with a human bf?

I want my dog to lick my p***y?

Member Chat My Stuff. Dude, that beastiality shit is fucked up! It it feels right. So, if those stories are true, it is a good idea to be very careful, especially KNOT to ger caught in the act! When he feels it go in he'll start pumping like a jackhammer until his knot goes in and swells up too much to come out.

That is animal abuse thats why there are toys you could buy if you feel horny!! The light flared green, and cars began to race in all different directions. His cold, wet nose stroked my clit, arousing me in ways I had never thought of before.

My cousin Christina has a big Great Dane dog and its a male, and she lets it lick her butt when she's horny and alone, when I was at her house I was in her room and so was the dog then she said she was horny and wanted me to watch the dog lick her ass, so then she took her pantie off and bent over and then then the dog sniffed her butt then licked it, then she reached back and she spread her butt open and I saw her butthole and then he started licking her butthole she said it felt good,. Personally, my dog is my baby.. I then reclined slightly back on my hands and spread my knees apart.

In case you haven't done it yet, you should have some protection from his claws on your legs and back. Please don't have kids. By now my hot, sexy smell wafted in the air, and his pink penis began to slip out of its sheath. I was reclining on my elbows while he licked me.

my dog licks my vagina

Would u help me I have a dog I wan5 to lick my Pussy but don't know wat to do .. can someone make me cum?? i cum everyday and my dog bites my pussy.

While in this position, he tried to mount me. It's not normal but who cares I just fells good who cares if it's normal or not. So, you condone homosexuality but then judge people who practice bestiality.

my dog licks my vagina

I let him lick me while standing for a minute or two, and then I again sat down on the edge of the bed. So he often wandered into our yard on his own.

I like to let dogs lick me

My dog always sort of like tries to rape me. he knocks me down and shoves his muzzle thru my vagina lips and licks and nibbles my clit after i get out of the.

So I again decided to give into my feelings and experiment with him again. Make a educated comment if your going to make one about this. Will u lick mine for me: That's friggin disgusting and not normal or ok. Hey i know this was a year ago id do it where u live? Finally I began cupping his cock and balls with my hand, while looking around to make sure no one could see.

Cute dog tries to take of her bra and then licks her pussy!

Do it if you feel comfortable. Hey i know this was a year ago id do it where u live?

my dog licks my vagina


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