chihuahua and weiner dog mix

Some of the common health problems that this breed can inherit from its parents are as follows. The grooming frequency depends upon the coat of your dog. Remember that overfeeding your dog will lead to obesity and consequent health problems. I have a beautiful white and tan puppy who I love very much and shes hard to train so really take that in consideration when thinking about getting a Chiweenie. Another plus point of being so small and cute is that you can easily take it with you while traveling. Chiweenies are loving, caring, zealous and playful, wanting to constantly play around with their owners, and is dedicated to the family and the household.

Welcome to your complete guide to the Dachshund Chihuahua mix breed dog! The Dachshund x chihuahua, affectionately known as the.

This dog has a laid-back attitude, and it is quite even tempered as compared to a normal Chihuahua, that is prone to a certain amount of weariness towards people because of its small size. This is because longer fur tends to mat and tangle, which is what we need to avoid. It is also at its happiest when around those it loves. Some of the common health problems that this breed can inherit from its parents are as follows. It loves to snuggle.

Although Chiweenies have adopted certain physical traits from the Daschund, their temperament is more like that of a Chihuahua. Yes, we know it's a very long name for such a small dog, which is why it is also called the Chiweenie! August 26, chihuahua and weiner dog mix We have to feed her in another room.

chihuahua and weiner dog mix

They are floppy, and stand upright when the dog is alert. Dog Behavior Before Death. Being extremely loyal to its family, the Dachshund-Chihuhua mix is a dog with a lot of spirit. The miniature Chiweenie weighs between 8 to 10 pounds 3 to 3.

Dog Behavior Before Death. Being quite friendly by nature, it is an excellent playmate for children. Information about the Doberman-Labrador Mix Breed. Most commonly found coat colors are black, tan, and brown. He new tricks, when he was young he was the camp dog.

A longish walk or a short run, twice a day, is important. The colors also vary. Just make sure that its exercise requirements are met, and you will have a delight of a dog as a pet.

Personality Traits of a Dachshund Chihuahua Mix (Chiweenie)

You need to recondition your Chiweenie until she understands that she will win and get her food when she allows you to come near her. Firm and stern are two words that this dog does not keep in its vocabulary on purpose.

My chiweenie will be celebrating her 3rd Birthday this November. The Chiweenie is not a super easy dog to train because of his headstrong nature and his small dog mentality. This dog, like its parent breeds, is small in size. November 26, at 7:

chihuahua and weiner dog mix

Information and pictures of a Chiweenie, also called a Chiwee, which is a mix between a Chihuahua and the Dachshund dog.

We now feed him My dog puppy biscuits and dog roll for puppies as he turned his nose up at everything in a tin lol! Dachshund is long-bodied and muscular with short, stubby legs. If you have a big backyard or a dog park nearby, then it doesn't get better. It must either be monthly, or in case your dog has rolled in mud or jumped in the trash can, chihuahua and weiner dog mix can't be allowed to enter the house without a bath.

chihuahua and weiner dog mix

Mix Breeds of Dogs. Next, ask your friends to come over to your place, and hand them over your treat box to feed your dog but from a distance.

How to Care for the Small but Mighty Chiweenie

These dogs can have various colors, such as Chihuahua Dachshund Mix, other names.

It expects you to be nice, gentle, and more like a friend less like a teacher. April 26, at 9: For this very simple reason, it also makes an excellent watchdog, and would give out a series of barks to any stranger or someone approaching the house. They are full of beans so be prepared for lots of time spent playing and chasing them around your home. The colors also vary. Mix Breeds of Dogs.

Cute Chiweenie Puppies

Get a Chiweenie home, and be prepared to receive a lot of love from a very small package. Bathing is also not required on a regular basis. Did you guess who it was yet? If your dog looks at you expectantly each time it sits, rolls, or barks, or carries out these actions without being told, then you will have to change your methods.

chihuahua and weiner dog mix

It loves to cuddle. Hence, slightly older children who will treat it with gentle care are more suited as playmates for the Chiweenie. Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix. October 3, at The Chiweenie needs a lot of strenuous activity to get rid of that built-up energy they have. This is because longer fur tends to mat and tangle, which is what we need to avoid.


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