Hiya, I am feeding my at K9 Feline Natural which is freeze-dried and needs water added to it. Considering that it is gently steamed before freeze-drying, would it be a safer choice to leave out for around 6 hours in a humid climate instead of leaving out freeze dried raw treats? Slicing or spreading the food items to be dehydrated is key to reducing the amount of energy freeze dried vs dehydrated during the process.

freeze dried vs dehydrated

Want to Learn More about Freeze Dried vs. We spent half of our days traveling through the range on skis, and made all the meals for those days ourselves. Unlike the long dehydrating process, water in freeze dried food vanishes quickly. Shelf-Life Because dehydrated foods contain about a third of their moisture, they have a much shorter shelf-life than freeze dried foods. The point is that the losses are considerably less with freeze dried. Chest freezer — the nutrition loss is the result of heating the foods during drying, so the freezing phase is irrelevant. I added equal amount of water to food — is it supposed to fully soak all the water?

A lot of people use the terms dehydrated and freeze-dried like they are the same thing. However, there are some major differences between dehydrated and freeze-dried food storage. Freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, just-add-water meals and real meats will have a year shelf life.

Dehydrated foods have been estimated to last for 20 years or more. Air dried pet food retains its conformation quite well, resisting any crumbling that may result from freeze-dried food. So, if we loose a bit by eating dehydrated food, does that make a difference? You can, but it is very pricey. One of the major differences between freeze dried vs. To continue the example above, some vitamins are fat soluble and can only be carried in a fat or oil vitamin E as one example.

If you know how to cook at home, then dehydrated ingredients can make delicious backpacking meals. A final option, and the best in my freeze dried vs dehydrated, would be to consider moving to a raw diet. Lots of instructions and recipes. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. April on September 20, at

freeze dried vs dehydrated

Cooking alone often causes some nutrients to break down. Tom Bebee March 15, at 9: Food Storage , Other. Please enter your first name and email address. Another positive point is that by removing all moisture from this food, any growth of bacteria, yeast, or mold is inhibited — which is why these foods have a longer shelf life. Do you think that extends the shelf life beyond the one to two years you mention?

Therefore it is important to know what processes are involved in making freeze-dried, dehydrated and air-dried foods so that we can decide which option is best for our pets. Other freeze dried formulas use lightly cooked meats and fresh produce in their formulas. Use the chart below to determine what you feel would be best to store for your family:. The more important point question with regard to nutritional content is whether it seems reasonable to apply a more rigorous standard to the food we consume while on the trail than at home.

Because of these two reasons, I suspect that freeze dried vs dehydrated losses during dehydrating are irrelevant and we should not be considering this issue when we make food decisions. This ensures that all liquid is removed without moving the food from a raw state. The shelf life is amazing and emergency essentials has the best prices and products. Hope to buy something by the end of next month.

Freeze-Dried vs Dehydrated foods

I am the queen of freezer bag meals. He eats grain free kibble but ive noticed though its small kibble that he seems to be swallowing the food whole. You will make more progress on preparedness in 30 days than you have in months! January 7, at Having a better nutritional source in emergencies- esp off season can keep the family healthy.

Freeze Dried Food Taste Test

You will likely find that the cost of the frozen, raw equivalent is significantly less that the FD form. In order to achieve this, without going into too much detail, the raw food is first frozen and then through a process of low temperature and pressure, the liquid is phased from a solid to a gas.

While both dehydrated and freeze-dried foods can have long shelf lives, freeze-dried food is definitely superior when it comes to long-term storage. You will make more progress on preparedness in 30 days than you have in months! You should always have fresh water available for your dog especially when feeding dried food. The point is that the losses are considerably less with freeze dried.

The product is heated and water is removed through evaporation. I sleep outside about nights per year, about the same as doing a thru-hike per year, although broken up into days trips so I can go home, visit my wife, and write. In this area, freeze-dried food comes out on top.

freeze dried vs dehydrated

Dehydrated and freeze-dried food are similar in certain ways, but differ in others. Learn the difference and find the type of food that's right for.

But dehydrating and making my own dinners at home before each trip is not how I want to spend my free time. No worries about refrigeration or getting your banana freeze dried vs dehydrated Great for storage also especially when you have emergencies!

freeze dried vs dehydrated

And it is very important to understand the difference when building a home store for your family. Since there is no water left in the product, no additives at all are needed in single ingredient cans.


Several people have asked me, “What's the difference between dehydrating and freeze drying?” or “What's the difference between a dehydrator.

Air dried pet food retains its conformation quite well, resisting any crumbling that may result from freeze-dried food. I love freeze dried food! That also reduces the potential for bloat when compared to kibble. Two things you did not consider where Dehydrated wins out: A dehydrated food will typically rehydrate to make roughly 3 times the weight of the dry and about the same volume by size.

What is Freeze Drying?

Typically the soups are black bean, lentil curry, split peas, corn chowder. Freeze dried foods in a 10 can are estimated to last up to 25 years — that is, until opened. Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are excellent choices for an emergency kit. That will reduce your work, since there is no point in evaluating brands that are not available to you.

freeze dried vs dehydrated

I love freeze dried fruit as a snack. We have frequent power outages and having these foods available year around is the greatest asset I have found. Then, add my address misty yourownhomestore to your contacts so you don't miss emails! I would be more concerned if the Sojos and moistened kibble remainined in the bowl for longer than 30 minutes. Tracy March 16, at 7:


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