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Steve Martin wasn't the only male to grace the cover of Playboy. She appears on numerous covers, in several centerfolds, and even wrote the foreword to the coffee table book, "Playboy's Greatest Covers. I'd be mad too Bangalore Times 25 Most Desirable Women of This Madonna cover is just one of the most famous.

Jessica Alba- On the cover of the March issue, 'Playboy' '\magazine named Jessica among its 25 Sexiest Celebrities and the Sex.

I see someone on the cover and always assume they've posed naked for it. Kim posed for the 'Playboy' magazine for the December issue of , where she revealed more than originally intended. Considering she doesn't want people thinking that and told them no when they asked her to pose for the cover. Seeing this cover reminds me how long ago was. He said that Playboy, a unit of Playboy Enterprises Inc , had agreed to make donations, in a sum he would not disclose, to two charities supported by the actress.

Sushant is all fanboy around Sourav Ganguly. Jessica alba playboy Madonna cover is just one of the most famous. Hugh Hefner later hinted on his Twitter that the Lohan issue was one of the best-selling in Playboy history. But damn she looks hot.

jessica alba playboy

A spokeswoman for Playboy was not immediately available for comment. At the age of 50, Fawcett posed for the magazine again. However, she later dropped the action after receiving a personal apology from 'Playboy' owner Hugh Hefner. Suspense, secrets and suspicion set the mood right on Jaipur stage. In October , after losing millions of readers to easily available Internet pornography, Playboy announced that it would be doing away with nudity in favor of partially clothed, raw intimacy.

March 4th, , Starkids who ruled social media in While one might expect public figures like Madonna and Marilyn Monroe to grace the cover of Playboy, other celebrities' cameos were far more unexpected. Nancy Sinatra earned the "sin" in her last name when she posed for Playboy in May , just one month shy of her 55th birthday. Know more about Yashraj Rautela, the younger brother of gorgeous Urvashi Rautela. It's not exactly like she has a Hilary Duff type wholesome image.

Comedian Steve Martin, for example, was a bit of a surprising choice for the January cover. Kim Kardashian poses topless with daughter, gets trolled.

Jessica Alba threatens to sue Playboy over March issue cover shot

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles during Parliament opening ceremony. Playboy said Alba was placed on the cover after being chosen "sexiest star of the year" by its readers. In his letter to Alba, Hefner apologized for "any distress unintentionally caused by the publication of your photo" on the March cover.

jessica alba playboy

In March , fresh off her box office success with "Sin City," "Into the Blue," and "Fantastic Four," Jessica Alba posed for Playboy. Those, of course, were the.

Stay signed in for 30 days. March 4th, Kim Kardashian poses topless with daughter, gets trolled.

jessica alba playboy

Sushant is all fanboy around Sourav Ganguly. Playboy wanted her image to run as part of a feature about the 25 Sexiest Celebrities, but lawyers for Alba are arguing that because she is featured on the front cover, it is implied that naked shots of the actress will be found inside and they are trying to get the March issue pulled. Sachin's merchandise up for grabs.

Celebrities who posed for Playboy

Playboy editor and tycoon Hugh Hefner is greeted by a group of bunny girls from his Playboy Clubs, upon his arrival at London Airport on

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The best covers of famous PlayBoy

Times Education Icon Awards Her image from a promotional shot for 'Into the Blue' was used by the magazine without her consent, which she contends gave the appearance that she was featured in the issue in a 'nude pictorial'.

jessica alba playboy


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