He is a JRT from Ireland and is 10 years old. Do you own other dogs?

jack russell terrier rescue

Nexxus can be a little toy aggressive if around other dogs so though she lives with other dogs now, this is something to keep in mind. Spot was with his previous owner his entire life and is looking for his forever home. I love to go for car rides with my foster mom. If you are willing to give him a chance and time, he will be a great companion. We provide a sanctuary for Jack Russells.

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue UK. likes talking about this. Our mission is to find and rehabilitate every discarded, broken little doggy.

Here are just a few: She requires eyedrops daily for chronic dry eye. I am an easy keeper too. Because of his hound nature, I recommend a fenced in back yard and a family who will take him for lots of walks. Butter is waiting for his forever home. You realize as dogs age, their veterinary care requirements may increase and costs may increase accordingly. He can also be crate aggressive.

For the last six weeks, Riley has been with a professional trainer every day and has proved to be an excellent student. He has more body hair than Pee Weewith black and white markings on his back. Patches likes to be jack russell terrier rescue people but he has not shown himself to be a very affectionate dog.

jack russell terrier rescue

Buy a Kuranda bed for your dog and get a discount. Peanut is waiting for his forever home. Yes No I do not rent my home. You have the patience necessary to train and rehabilitate a rescued dog.

He has some lumps on his body but they have been biopsied and found not to be cancerous. He is neutered, up to date on his shots and in very good health. Jacks in jack russell terrier rescue are ever abundant. She has a funny playful side and will go from a quiet snuggle to bounding around the room with a ball.

Available For Adoption

He is not neutered at this point due to recommendations by the veterinarian. She loves pieces of fruit and veggies as occasional healthy treats. Lucy is deaf and almost blind so I don't recommend young children around her. We are always looking for volunteer foster homes.

Mother Jack Russell plays with her puppies

We are always looking for volunteer foster homes. I get along great with cats, but prefer not to be around other dogs.

The dogs who are in foster care live in the homes of our volunteers. She is a petite girl only weighing 11 pounds.

Have you provided a wonderful home for a shelter dog? Jacks in need are ever abundant. You have carefully considered the commitment required to care for a dog for its entire life, which could exceed 15 years.

jack russell terrier rescue

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier. This wonderful breed is often misunderstood and underestimated, and too many of them end.

We could really use some items to help raise funds for the rescues. Peanut is waiting for his forever home. Patches Please meet Patches.

jack russell terrier rescue

We work very closely with you on a personal level and want the adoption process to be a satisfying experience. Riley likes to take walks and rides in the car, he loves his stuffies and thrives in a fenced yard to play and chase whatever moves.


We rely on kind donations, fundraising and adoption fees to cover the costs for rescue, rehabilitation and placement of our rescued Jack Russell Terriers.

Riley is a precious, lovable Jack Russell mix. There is nothing she loves more than being with her person. Lucy Bean does not like to be crated at all, she has panic attacks when put into the crate. Yes No Partially fenced. I know Patches doesn't sound perfect but he is a great little dog now that he is better balanced mentally and we understand his body language. Peanut Peanut is one of three male pups rescued from Mississippi at six weeks old.

Living with a Jack Russell Terrier - be prepared!

He should also have a fenced in yard where he does not have to be tied up, so he can run and expel his energy. He would need to get a bath every other day with medicated shampoo. We rescue Jack Russells. He gets along with most of the dogs in my house but he does try to dominate the one dog that is his size unless of course they are chasing each other through the house, then they are the best of buds.

jack russell terrier rescue

Reece is such a sweet sweet girl! She is not playful but she enjoys the company of other dogs and humans. This way we can match you up with some perfect jacks. Please enter a value between 1 and 5. Things to Consider Parsons are bouncy and will jump on anything and anyone, and can even jump up to five feet high. She is also heart worm negative.


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