Because both its parent breeds, the Chihuahua and the Papillon, thrive on a diet that includes poultry, so you can safely conclude that Chions will do well on such a diet as well. The chion can make great companions to its owner and family. Primarily, chihuahua papillon mix, like most other crosses, are healthy in general. I live in KCMO though.

chihuahua papillon mix

Does anyone know of a chion breeder in the U. Chions are generally a healthy breed but like most hybrids, there is always a chance for inheriting health issues from parent breeds. July 1, at 4: In this instance, with two small dogs, the height and weight will vary but is typically less than 11 inches and under 10 pounds. This breed may also be prone to catching colds.

It's a fact—the Papillon Chihuahua mix is one of the cutest little dogs around! While it's easy to fall in love with such a cute pup, it's a good idea.

The Facebook page is: June 4, at 8: When excited, she almost hops like a rabbit! Charming, intelligent, affectionate, playful Comparable Breeds: November 20, at

The coat is normally a solid color but may have chihuahua papillon mix that will be the same color as his mask. While they are energetic little dogs, their small stature means that a modest amount of activity is sufficient to meet their needs. November 20, at 5:

chihuahua papillon mix

November 20, at Do you still have any available? But super sweet and loving.

March 24, at 8: They are mixed tempered, depending on the mix of Chihuahua Papillon. Paula J Loftin says: He is doing good with potty training.

January 4, at 3: Can you please share the breeder info? They can have small to medium size coat hair. Where can I find these dogs for sale?

Dread the day we lose her…. Amanda, do you still have any chions left? Parker M Bell says:

What a perfect mix for an upbeat little family dog! They might also have the tendency to display aggression towards other dogs.

chihuahua papillon mix

Nada the Papillon / Chihuahua mix (Chion) at 1 year and 2 months old and weighing pounds (2 kg)—her owners refer to her as a Papihuahua. Nada is.

What it takes is a ton of your time chihuahua papillon mix love. Where can I find these dogs for sale? If you would rely on dry kibbles, be sure you stick to high quality.

chihuahua papillon mix

August 11, at 2: She is the best thing to happen to me.

The Chion is a toy dog that is a cross between the Chihuahua and the Papillon. Most individuals of this breed are the result of first generation crossbreeding.

She is five years old and had not been fixed. Where are you Located? I love him so much. And she will bite if she thinks we are in danger. Lively, timid, affectionate, devoted Comparable Breeds:

They love their daily walks and play time. October 25, at 8: My got a Chion from our local shelter.

chihuahua papillon mix

So, frequent supervision is recommended. Previously, my smallest dog weighed over 30lbs. We have been crate training him and he will not pee or poo in his crate. I get a kick out of watching her run. November 28, at 4:


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