I grew up in an era where all of our family dogs were acquired via families needing to re-home one animal or another. Scott Jenkins on February 7, at 9: Leticia Borunda on Adopt dont shop 26, at 7:

adopt dont shop

I think that has to do with us being reasonable. This is not a criticism of them, that is their choice. Not everyone stops to think, or question. This means the county is able to rescue dogs from around the region and from other states or from Mexico. Lindsay Stordahl on August 1, at 2: The community pack we belong to helps the people that get their dogs from the shelter or a breeder that has issues or they just want to socialize their dogs.

Please RT Merry Christmas! Please #AdoptDontShop! So many of our pets won't end up on shelters and pounds! Our little shelter is in need of donations for.

There might be a dark underbelly to the whole thing. NicR on June 21, at 8: KL on February 8, at 8: My breeder is far from atypical. Both choices are and should be perfectly acceptable. Rescue groups need good breeders. Before you leave a comment, remember to be kind to one another.

My mother ran a breed specific rescue group for a long time when I was young. All puppies are microchipped with the first contact always remaining one of my family members to ensure contact if a dog gets loose and is found. Adopt dont shop will adopt to people who live in apartments?

adopt dont shop

The general public is often uneducated on dogs and unable to differentiate a reputable breeder from a puppy mill dealer. Dogs And animals are sentient beings who deserve respect from us as another fellow creature in this planet. I honestly feel like there is no way to solve this issue, but having both options balances everything out. Another thing is that breeding your dog can put it at a lot of risk if you are not an experienced breeder, and people seem to forget this.

If I want to adopt a pet from a breeder, because I find a particular breed to be aesthetically pleasing, that should be my right. Hayden Nicole on April 9, at 8: I do know there are many extremists in life and those are the ones that ruin it for the reasonable ones.

Because there are some excellent breeders adopt dont shop my area, I had the absolute luxury of getting nitpicky when choosing one in my region. If you would like to support my mission, just click on the button below!

Adopt Dont Shop Stickers

Then I found the best breeder I could. My 18 yr old lil guy just passed away in January, in my arms, after 16 yrs together. When the adopter wants a specific breed appropriate to their lifestyle and preferences, nearly any breed may be found, even somewhat rare breeds like Manchester Terriers, Dogues de Bordeaux, and so forth. There is a high demand for rescue dogs, which is also great! There are two cases in Munich opinion of people who buy bred pets. They breed and participate in the sport of showing for conformation because it is a true passion for them, for the type of dog and activity it was created for.

The truth is there is a need for well bred genetically sound genetically health screened animals of many types There is also a population for whom any random bred pet animal that will work. Pages Other Community Adopt dont shop. If you mention getting a dog, it is assumed you will rescue.

Some people just see dollar signs. But the up front costs of buying from the right breeder would be a lot for me.

Where do you think the dogs you get tired of and take to the shelters end up? How will adopting fix THAT? So I was running around with it on my car probably offending all the good breeders I know. One choice is not great while the other is just okay.

adopt dont shop

We shed light on the latest canine catch-phrase "Adopt, Don't Shop" to give you all the details behind this growing animal rights campaign.

Both often require reference checks, home visits, and adopt dont shop extensive adoption contract- which specifically states, in either case, that the dog be returned in the event the adopter can no longer care for it. Sarah on August 22, at 3: I cringe every time the rescue Adopt dont shop foster and volunteer with chooses to use it when promoting our adoptable dogs. Kelli Kakish on February 20, at 6:

adopt dont shop

Raising awareness is the true call of the slogan despite some well intention people taking it too far and making others feel guilty about buying a dog from a loving breeder. Emma on February 7, at

Adopt Dont Shop Stickers

Let eight adorable pups give you eight good reasons why you should always adopt—and never buy—a dog!.

My husband would like to get a certain breed of dog that he grew up with. Not as catchy, but not as close minded or stereotypical as well. They have their own jobs to do and they do them will. When my fiance and I first discussed getting a dog, everyone I knew shamed me to hell and back for even considering buying a puppy. Maybe we should just have a dog for companionship instead of exploiting them for our own wants. I am glad to know there are people out there that do recognize the issues and stigmas that come with the phrase.

Pet Adoption Persuasive Speech

Lindsay Stordahl on February 7, at Cheri on April 27, at These excuses do not make up for what it causes.

adopt dont shop

Rachel on August 16, at 7: These activists are well-meaning but ignorant. A legitimate breeder does not profit from their dogs. This is the most manipulative article I have ever read. I know you care about animals like everyone here and hope you continue to help dogs in need. There are so many dogs to be adopted, I have 4 foreign dogs.


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