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Youll lose weight. Alcohol is notoriously full of empty calories. Some drinks, like a Long Island iced tea, have close to 800 calories almost the same as a fast-food meal. Starting the new year with the goal of losing weight but not abstaining from alcohol is self-sabotage. Alcohol and Weight Loss - Can you still drink alcohol on a diet?. In other words, complete abstinence not be needed while trying to lose. Alcohol is more than liquid caloriesits a saboteur that zaps your metabolism. Thats one reason I decided to abstain for four weeks. If you can tough it out (or even feel better) while losing weight, then you can transition. There is no doubt I feel better completely abstaining from alcohol. have the odd few days of drinking red wine I find it speeds weightloss and.

Fat Loss and Water Retention. Summary for me, completely abstaining from alcohol seems to be associated with. Never mind the inevitable day-to-day side effects of daily drinking weight gain, mental sluggishness, Resolving to abstain from alcohol this month?. if you take a month off, and you usually consume 20 units, youre going to lose weight and fat. At present its becoming ever-more fashionable, even charitable, to abstain from alcohol for the month of January. After the indulgence of the.

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