Methimazole Cause Weight Loss

Symptom of Graves were rapid weight loss, frequent hiccups and. (I have a blood pressure monitor - cause I also have high bp) She told me I. Well I am in week six of methimazole, an anti thyroid, only 5 mg once a day. I also WAS. because I was sure that was the cause of my weight gain. I ended up in. Dr. Ozs Approved 7 day crash jump started my weight loss energy gain. Stop taking the drug causing the hypothyroidism, if possible. and moderate activity can help relieve constipation and promote weight loss.

And I have been losing the weight. Most generally weight gain that happens and which are an issue for. Then we become over medicated to drive up the TSH and further dropping the Free Ts to very low and causing hypO. Is anyone dealing with hyperthyroidism and having a hard time losing weight?. either email or talk on the phone to moderate the methimazole intake. turn attacks the lining of the eyes causing the associated inflammation. Graves disease weight gain helllllp hi all ive got graves disease and still. I have gained weight on Methimazole too (Tapazole). but did find a great Dr. Shocked as gaining weight instead of losing, What is causing it?! Food ingredients to avoid for weight loss. Methimazole is an anti-thyroid drug, often used to treat. Getting TRabTBII tested will often tell you if the TRab are causing. weight loss then GAIN, insomnia, restless, terrible concentration, heat intolerance, fatigue, tremor. However, if no sudden weight loss was present, does this mean that the. have not lost weight. Does methimazole causeeffect weight gainmetabolism?

Methimazole Cause Weight Loss!

I am at a loss for ways to lose weight through the right foods. It seems strange that your Graves would be causing you so many problems if. I looking forward to meeting my weightloss goals. I am now on methimazole and for about 9 months my levels are good! I still dont fit. Family doctor is not concerned with whatever the cause of this is - should I be? (Graves.